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We really are on the same wavelength with this stuff. I have written extensive shit (but not here on Medium) going over all that.

The map is part of the territory. It is deeply flawed and misleading, but not wholly irrelevant. It is vaguely like the food, air or even the weather, in that it is part of the overall unfathomable process. It is instrumental. A man might be wholly misguided in his religious beliefs, but he might still go murder, or commit himself to a life of silent contemplation because of those beliefs. What is in our head is far from inconsequential no matter how nonsensical it might be. This explains pretty exactly why our world is so screwed up: we have really bad programs running in our cognitive processing units that are increasingly interfering with our former inability to do much other than just battle for existence. Our technological success — combined with our ability to exploit one another psychologically — has moved us into a new paradigm that we have not as yet mastered. And if we don’t smarten up pretty quick in that department, we’ll be victims of our illusory so-called ‘success’.

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