Mansplaining mansplaining, this is a big jump of levels.

What are you saying? That one needs other people’s permission to express one’s opinions? If so, that is a real invite for shutting down freedom of speech.

Do you check that others are happy for you to speak before you express your opinions? Did you ask me if you could make that reply to my post?

When a woman ask for you advice, that’s not mansplaining.

Right. So in the interest of equality, I could say you womansplained with this post by not waiting till I asked for your advice. Do you not see how silly such an approach is?

… when you don’t try to put your experience over the others, when you respect that there is somethings you can’t decide …

If I talk about my experience I am not denying your experience. It is just a conversation. Also: there are all sorts of things each of us cannot decide. But I do not want anyone to decide when I get to talk just as I do not expect to tell anyone else when they get to talk. If you cannot go with that then you are opposing freedom of speech… even if you like to dress it up as ‘mansplaining’.

The more I see the sort of response you have provided here the more I am convinced of one of two things: either men and women have seriously different brains, or feminism screws up people’s ability to think logically and fairly — and put themselves in the shoes of the people they are talking to.

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