The Optics of Stilettos
Georgi Boorman

Without condemning your article — I certainly do not wear white to funerals — I think it inadvertently illustrates how something is deeply lacking in Western culture. Consider these statements:

Nevertheless, optics matter.
But pictures say a lot, even if you don’t mean them to.
But what we wear and in what context we wear it speaks volumes.
She did change into tennis shoes, after all.
They must submit to the rule of optics, not to supplant substance, but to amplify it.

In reality, all this monitoring and policing of such mundane matters as the dresswear of others surely indicates a serious lack of perspective if not sincerity within a nation not only hit by this flood, but potentially on the verge of nuclear conflicts and street fighting?

If Melania really cares very deeply about what’s happened to Houstonians, then she’ll make the effort, so the optics match her attitude.

I do not want to go after the woman you mention, but let’s be honest here: she is just going through the ritual that is expected of the First Lady. Why would she care any more or less than you or I do? What is to become of us when in the midst of so many problems our minds are steered by the machinery of the media to a mass fixation on the footwear of one person? Dare I ask if such an issue REALLY matters in any sense at all outside our obsessionally voyeuristic culture of distraction?

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