Why it’s so terrifying that team Trump is unhinged from verifiable scientific fact
Joe Romm

You make a lot of valid points.

So many are still saying Give him a chance till we see what he does — like putting a cat in a cage of mice and saying we should not prejudge what will happen.

But it is a huge shame that you are on the ThinkProgress platform. This diminishes your credibility as we all know who funds CAP and ThinkProgress — the fake left Clinton/Democrat corruption machine. Had Hillary been elected, things would certainly be different, but I am not sure they would be any less of a mess. At least with Trump the monster is in full view. Clinton represents a more sophisticated type of evil.

You ought to reflect on the fact that the Clinton/DNC’s corruption and stupidity is very arguably the reason you have Trump in the White House instead of Sanders. Sorry, but that makes you the useful idiot of a failed and corrupt party. It’s too easy to keep bashing Trump and never look in the mirror.

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