I think those people that posted those cartoons are heroes. Art is truly our leader.
A Ennis

If Islam truly is this great peaceful religion ,
Then what are we so afraid of? Why are we cowering?

You seem to conflate absolutely everything badged-up as Islam under the one umbrella, and then equate that Islam with the worst excesses of a small minority who call themselves Muslims.

I believe there are about 1.4 billion identified Muslims in the world. It should be obvious that most of them live in peace.

If you take just about any religion, doctrine or ideology, you can do the same thing — read the worst of their belief system and then infer that this is how they all think. Sam Harris has done this extensively as regards Muslims.

Frankly I think it is a stupid position.

Christianity says that sin is evil and that evil is a ticket to hell — but christians still commit such ‘evil’ because, if they were honest with themselves, they don’t really believe all that shit and therefore so-called evil doesn’t really scare them. Christianity is better understood as a social identity that lets them into a tribe — not some metaphysical viewpoint adopted with any real conviction. The same is true of many belief systems that people adopt: they are social and emotional supports more than heartfelt commitments to doctrinal positions.

This is why some people are turned off by demonising Muslims in the manner that Harris does: he fails to separate individuals who rather passively see themselves as Muslims from the most aggressive religious texts and the worst excesses of a small minority of terrorists. Hence those passive Muslims who in reality are maybe not too interested in all this find themselves painted as human devils. People on the receiving end of such bias only tend to retrench into their group, but Harris seems uninterested in seeing Muslims as people — only in seeing them as a problem to be fixed.

Making the distinction between Islamic doctrine and the real people who happen to see themselves as Muslims is as important as you might feel the difference is between strong misogynistic ideas and the unique person that you actually are.

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