New parent advice nine months later

As I prepared for the arrival of our daughter, I received all sorts of advice. Looking back 9 months later, a few stand out…

Remind yourself that every phase is temporary, both the good parts and the bad (from Rob Mauceri)

I can’t emphasize enough how true this has been. While Claire is only 9-months-old, she’s changed enormously and each phase had ups and downs. When we were barely sleeping, trying for hours to get Claire to stop crying, and worrying about whether she was eating enough, I had to remind myself it was only temporary. And during the same phase, she would sleep on my chest in this tiny ball and I had to remind myself to appreciate the moment because it wouldn’t last forever.

Go to the movies (from my dentist)

My wife, Jennings, and I bring Claire on many adventures, but seeing a movie is too much. I hate talkers in theaters and Claire would definitely make noise. With a baby, movie theaters are only possible with the help of a sitter. It’s doable, but every date night has many options so movies are still few and far between. Rentals at home, on the other hand, are through the roof!

Sleep in (from my last manager)

Having a baby is like giving birth to an alarm clock. A broken alarm clock. It has no snooze, and you can’t set the time. Even with the help of a family member around in the morning, sleeping in like we did in our pre-parentings days simply doesn’t happen.

Happy to hear from anyone with more suggestions for the coming months and years.