Instant Pot pot roast

This recipe was inspired, in the very broadest terms, by an oven pot roast recipe Alton Brown did years ago on “Good Eats.” I hadn’t cooked that one in many years, and did not look at it while putting things together today — I only looked it up just now so that I could link to it here.

But I remembered how good it was — a roast cooked with olives and raisins, which are then pureed with an immersion blender into a delicious sauce. If that sounds crazy to you, you have to try it to believe it. That same raisins-and-olives combination is used in some picadillo recipes.

Some of these are approximations — I was trying to make notes, but a few things I didn’t end up measuring exactly.


2 to 2 1/2 pound chuck roast, well-marbled

1 cup water

5 cloves garlic, peeled and slightly crushed

3/4 cup red wine

Half of a 5.75-ounce jar of chopped green olives with pimentoes

2 teaspoons Marmite (or substitute Better Than Bouillon or other beef base)

Generous handful of raisins

2 bay leaves

Black pepper

Using the “sauté” function, brown the roast well in oil, on both sides. Remove the roast to a holding container, turn the pot off and deglaze with water, scraping with a wooden spoon to loosen any brown that is stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Add the garlic, wine, olives, Marmite (or beef base), raisins, bay leaves and pepper. Return the roast and any accumulated juices to the pot. Seal the pot and set for 45 minutes at high pressure. Allow full natural release before opening pot.

Remove roast to a clean container. Remove and discard bay leaves. Use an immersion blender to puree the remaining ingredients. Check sauce for seasoning. If desired, sauce can be thickened with a little Wondra flour dissolved in water.

Serve roast with pureed sauce.

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