Love and mercy and love and grace and mercy

I don’t know how many people will be able to appreciate it — so why am I posting about it? — but I had a little fun moment in my car coming back home just now from covering a meeting at the county courthouse.

For the past couple of months, I used a thumb drive, plugged into the USB port of my car, to study my lines for the play. Last night, I erased that thumb drive and filled it up with a bunch of music — easily several hundred songs — and this morning, I plugged it back into the car. I’ve been listening on shuffle play.

Well, tonight on the way home I heard two songs:

— “Love & Mercy,” a cover of the Brian Wilson hit by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Randy Stonehill. (You may recall I got to see Randy in person recently.) This was from the terrific “Making God Smile,” a 2002 Brian Wilson tribute album featuring many artists associated with Christian music.

— Then, right after that on the random rotation, was “Love, Grace and Mercy,” by my all-time favorite band, Daniel Amos, from their most recent album, 2013’s “Dig Here Said The Angel.”

Both are beautiful songs — and quite compatible, actually. Terry Scott Taylor of DA has always been heavily influenced by Brian Wilson and by the Beatles. It was, I’m sure, just a coincidence that the two songs came up back-to-back, but what a fun coincidence. It was certainly making John smile as I drove home after a long day’s work (with a little more to come).