Picking a pepper planter

Jacqueline McNally [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As my friends have noticed, I’ve been on a kick of making fermented hot sauce. When I first discovered the instructions for doing so, I put out a call on Facebook for hot peppers, and I was fortunate that Jane Tucker had plenty to spare. I was also fortunate that peppers can be frozen and then later thawed out for fermentation. In fact, it probably helps with the consistency, since the thawed peppers are softer and easier to puree.

I wish I’d known that last bit of information from the outset; there were a few of the first batch of peppers which Jane gave me that I did other things with (such as dehydrating) which I’d have frozen had I thought it through.

The three jars of mash now fermenting under my sink are from the last few bags of frozen peppers in my freezer. They’ll make several good bottles, enough to last me even if I give a few away as holiday gifts. But I’m already thinking ahead to next year.

I have never had a green thumb. I have no luck with house plants, and I’ve tried once or twice to start a planter of herbs without success. I live in an apartment, so I don’t really have the option of a garden; if I were to try to grow some peppers next year, it would have to be in a planter out front of my apartment. One or two planters might not give me many peppers to work with, but you never know. Even if I grew some peppers and then supplemented them with peppers from the store/farmer’s market/friends, it would be better than nothing. I could try raising some sort of really hot variety on my own, which would then make it easier to combine them with cheap and easy-to-obtain ingredients.

Anyway, that’s the direction in which I’m thinking. I’m going to do a little research.