The router less traveled

For a few years now, I’ve gotten 60 Mbps Internet from Spectrum. Recently, I got a letter saying that — at no cost to me — my neighborhood had been bumped up to 100 Mbps, which jibed with the company’s recent TV commercials in our market.

However, Speedtest was still showing me with a download speed of about 60. (My upload speed increased dramatically.) After I posted on Facebook about this, it was suggested by a couple of my friends that the problem might be my wireless router — even though my desktop is using a wired connection by default, that wire passes through the router.

I got an e-mail today from Spectrum repeating what they sent me in the letter: I am now getting 100 Mbps. So I did an experiment. I took the router offline and hooked my cable modem directly to my desktop. After a few resets and reboots, Speedtest showed speeds of 100 Mbps and then some. When I went back to the router, the speed went back to 60.

Long story short (too late!), I’ve just ordered a new router. It’s not as if I really need the extra 40 Mbps; I live by myself, and so the connection just has to serve my desktop, my phone, my Roku, my Kindle and my Chromebook (the latter of which I use far more away from home than at home). But it’s a shame not to have access to all of the bandwidth they charge me so dearly for. And maybe I’ll eventually buy a smart speaker or something like that. So a new router is probably a good idea anyway, if only for security reasons.