Shiny Code Bits

I have problem. It seems like every month some new code library or framework or language comes around and I immediately want to learn it. There are a few catch marketing tools that immediately draw my attention:


There isn’t anything I like to hear more than this. Its like when a car nerd hears about some high number of horsepower in a new car. Chances are, you won’t ever need all of that power but the fact that it’s there just sounds sexy. I can’t resist any faster new technology that is available. It’s what drew me to node and keeps me coming back.


Why would I ever want something that isn’t enhanced when there is something else that is? If I never had to use an un-enhanced… anything, ever again, I would be a happy man. I think that’s why I find myself slightly jealous of people with titanium knees.

Any Cool Sounding Word

I’m a SUCKER for anything that sounds fun. Coding can be super frustrating at times. “Simple” tasks can waste an hour of your time because of missed punctuation or a typo. An active sounding word that makes me me excited to use a product can play a major role in getting me to bang my head against the wall using their product. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Riot
  • Flask
  • Dart
  • Sprint
  • Go
  • Jinja
  • Gulp
  • MEAN
  • Meteor
Trendy Logos

If you mix a cool word with a trendy logo, I’m going to like what you’re offering, even if it’s not that great. I don’t just do this with my code tool choices. I do this with everything in my life. Sometimes I choose replace all of my current apps with inferior options because I don’t want to look at the old ones anymore. It’s terrible. Here are some of the better code logos:


… the marketing genius that leads me to one product over another, I still find myself weeding out the useful from the flashy. The two usually go hand in hand though. The better a product is, it seems, the more the company that made it will put into marketing it.

Pretty Code

Regardless of the marketing there will always be the functional, easy to use and “Pretty” code that will trump everything above. There aren’t many Python products that fall into these categories but there is a place in my heart for Python and their frameworks. It’s classic, flexible and pretty.

Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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