We have all heard the phrase “All those who wish to volunteer please step forward.” That line is often used in association with a situation that is undesirable, difficult, or possibly life-threatening.

I have realized that we implicitly “step forward” everyday of our lives, without (for the most part) being…

Broken Toys and Bruised Fruit

My deep dark secret: I have bought broken toys and bruised fruit because I felt bad for them. Yeah, I’m “that” kind of weird.

On the surface I’m an over-achieving technologist with a graduate degree in engineering and a passion for music. But under that shiny veneer I weep for things left behind, crushed that they, too, will be unloved, neglected, forgotten. My mission in life is to give them love, or at least give them comfort.

It’s a minor miracle I’m not a hoarder.

Jamie Irza

Techie, musician, Diversity and Inclusion advocate, disrupter, INFJ/P

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