How I finish things when I don’t feel like it
Alex Mathers

This is basically me. And Leonardo Da Vinci. And George Lucas.

It’s the problem of ‘perfectionsism.’

Which doesn’t mean, we do everything to perfection, but rather: we expect that everything that we WILL do has to be ‘perfect.’ And that is daunting, and leads to procrastination. And if we do start, it’s hard to let go until until it’s perfectly finished.

You asked for an example of my own? A webcomic of mine that was nominated for Best Webcomic of the year. I haven’t worked on it for over 1 year, and I haven’t made what I HAVE done, into a book yet. Partly because of time and other priorities, and partly (let’s be honest) because I feel that it needs more work first, before I commit to printing it as a Vol. 1.

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