gun causes officers to be so filled with fear that they open fire within two seconds
Racism and The Double Standard of Guns
Mattias Lehman

I am not intending to immerse myself in the intricacies of this particular case, however, this statement is unfair to not only to the officer involved but all protectors of the law (which the overwhelming majority of police officers are). The reason this statement about only taking “two seconds” is neglectful remains because two seconds is typically all officers have when responding to reportedly armed criminals. I am not defending this officers actions in particular, but you must have realistic expectations for our officers of the law and not hold them to a standard that endangers them and the entire community. In those life or death instances where multiple firearms are involved, officers are trained to make these split second decisions in order to maintain the upper hand on the perpetrator. Yes, other factors should’ve been considered in this particular instance, however, forcing and pressuring our officers to spend precious seconds in life or death moments that lead to statistically higher officer fatality rates is dangerous to our society and unfair to those brave men and women who defend our nation.