Freedom and Fear: Preaching as a Young Woman

John Jay Alvaro

In the mid-90’s Spring Creek Baptist Church broke with Oklahoma baptist tradition and ordained women to the office of “deacon.” The church was young at that time, formed only a decade earlier. It was just getting its feet under it when the question of women-in-leadership began to tear at the communal fabric. Lots of folks left the church through the process. When charter members reflect on this period, it’s with a mixture of pride and sadness. Our church took a bold position, born out of something intrinsic to our nature, yet unresolved. Spring Creek still wrestles with the implications of this decision, including the ways that it continues to influence how we practice our faith. What does it mean to affirm women’s leadership in 1995? In 2017? This is a live question at Spring Creek, where fresh vision is given to our conviction that God shows no partiality.

This year we were fortunate to have Jillian Mitchell, a high school student and life-long member of Spring Creek, share a sermon again. Last year she preached with us for the first time. The following is a text conversation between Jillian and me (John Jay) on her first experience preaching. You can listen to her 2016 sermon here.

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