ESSAY: Cause and effects of city expansion

There are various of reports about the incessant expansion of cities all over the world. Thus, there are several of contributing factors and consequences to consider.

One of the many causes for this argument is the job employment that the cities are offering. People who are living in the country side are aware that if they could land an employment in the city, they could earn a compensation that is twice as much than their hometown has been offering. Therefore, a better salary could help them support their families that are living in the rural area. Another reason for this is that cities provide better education programs for students. The majority of outstanding teachers are working in the cities and this attracts those parents living in the province to send their youngsters to the capital because studying in a well-known university could result in a better future for their children.

With regard to the consequences, cities that are over populated could experience tremendous predicaments such as traffic congestion. A larger population could lead to the increasing number of vehicles and other transportation systems which could be a hindrance for workers and several companies. Thus, the effectiveness of the employees could be affected, then the countries’ economy could suffer. Moreover, a larger population could contribute to the ubiquitous problem of pollution. A good example of this is the city of Manhattan in New York, where their government is having a hard a difficult time on finding an answer to their garbage disposal issue because undisciplined people are throwing their trash in the ocean and on the sidewalks. Consequently, their city is becoming polluted because of these garbages.

Overall, Although cities could provide a better opportunity to the people, there are still numerous of consideration to take. In addition to this are the consequences that are detrimental not only to the city but also to the entire world.