ESSAY: Should wealthy countries assist their poor counterpart? or should they just leave the problem to their government?

There are various of predicaments such as food shortage and educational problems that are being experienced by less fortunate countries in the world. Thus, it is is being questioned if those developed countries should help their poor counterpart or should everyone let the governments solve the issue in their own countries.

Wealthy countries have the abundance of resources to extend their hands and assist those impoverished states. Giving some of their excess budgets to fund for foods and education programs will not hurt and affect their economy. As a result, those extra resources can definitely create a significant impact not only to those poor nations but also to the global problem of poverty. Moreover, an educational assistant can tremendously save a sinking country because one of the main reasons why a country is experiencing poverty is because they do not have enough educated people to lead their communities. Therefore, if those wealthy countries will provide a free educational system program for poor individuals, these people could help their countries’ economy.

Furthermore, poverty may be the responsibility of the government because their populace elected them to lead and pilot their homeland to become a better place. Thereby, these leaders should find the solutions by themselves. However, most of the time, that is just an ineffective way to solve these issues. Those impoverished nations need the help of their neighboring countries. In fact, there are world organizations that were built to solve these kinds of nationwide problems. A good example of this is the European Union and the United Nations, these were created to maintain the peace and order in the world and help other countries to fight poverty and strengthen their educational system and subsequently be resilient in the future.

Overall, those problems that were mentioned may be inevitable in the poor lands, but these can still be prevented by the assistant of those wealthy countries. The government may have the full authority to fix these matters, however, receiving help from their neighboring countries could make a significant outcome.