Essay: Which is better for a child’s future, is it skills teaching or subject-oriented approach?

There are no parents who do not want a better future for their young ones. Some people believe that schools should educate their pupils with pure skills, whereas others assert that subject-oriented topics are better for their future endeavors. There are few points to consider in this argument.

Those people who deem that a wide range of subjects is the answer to children’s success believe that by introducing a tremendous amount of subjects to young minds can help them discover their true passion in life. Having a great focus on a particular subject that they desire to learn about could help them become successful in life. In addition, subject oriented learning can help the students to learn at their own pace without any pressure. Therefore, a better knowledge and future is expected.

On the other hand, skills learning could help children to become more holistic workers in the near future because by implementing a hands-on training they will acquire more knowledge than those who are just learning through a subject-based approach. Experience is the best teacher in life, thus by exposing those students to practical learning, they can understand and developed their skills faster. Moreover, learned capabilities can be utilized in the near future, and these will not only be beneficial for children but also to their community because skillful individuals have the ability to perform any jobs that their community needs.

Overall, subject-oriented learning may be good for children in some ways, but skills education is far more beneficial to everyone. I believe that by providing this type of educational program can definitely help to secure a child’s future.