ESSAY: Free Health Care should not be given to the community people for free?

Health Care is one of the controversial issues in this generation. There are people who surmise that free health system should not be given to everyone because the populace should be responsible for their own wellness. I disagree with this notion because there are any contributing factors to consider with regard to health care.

The implementation of free health care system is one of the responsibilities of the government. The budget for this program is being collected to the community people through taxation. Living a healthy lifestyle might be hard to achieve by some people. Therefore the countries’ government should provide various health teaching and health programs for their town to educate their people and thus help them to have a better mindset about wellness. These regimes are part of the government spending with regard to wellness, and these are necessary to everyone and should be given for free.

Furthermore, living in a stringent and well-disciplined lifestyle is not enough. There are numerous of diseases that are inevitable to various people, and some patients are suffering from diseases that are hereditary in nature. Such as the detrimental illness like cancer, this particular disorder is being passed on in the genes of a family. A perfect example of this is the well-known health guru, Wil Dasovich, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer despite his healthy lifestyle and stringent diet programs. Thereby, sickness is not fully determined by how a person is irresponsible about his wellness. Thus, free health care system should be implemented for everyone.

In conclusion, people might be the one who is responsible for their own health status but living an irresponsible lifestyle is not the only factor to be sick. I disagree with mentioned notion because there are various of contributors to consider and thus health treatment should be given to the community people without expenses.