ESSAY: Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is still a major problem in various states. The tremendous count of vehicles on the road are the main concern of the issue. However, there are many ways to lessen and handle this concern.

The governments must improve public transportation because this will help the public tp be encouraged and to patronize the use of public utility vehicles such as buses, trains, and taxis. The current public transportation system in many cities are stressful to people because of its disorganized regime. Furthermore, system and vehicle upgrades will also promote comfort and safety to the city people. For example, in the city of Manila in the Philippines, the majority of their public vehicles are old and rusty, and maintenance of the vehicles are very poor. Thus, Filipinos are avoiding the usage of buses, jeepneys, and trains because of the discomfort. Thereby, the level up of the aforementioned is one of the keys to discourage people from using their private cars.

Promotion of the use of a bicycle in students and office employees when going to their schools and companies. Hence, this idea has a lot of benefits not only in the problem of the traffic congestion but also on human’s health. The use of bicycles instead of cars while traveling to a certain location no so far from their place can help in mitigating the congestion problem in their city. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, because it has zero gas emission. Another beneficial reason of bicycle is it will help people to improve their cardiovascular system which is a good exercise for the heart. However, this will require safety precaution and safety gears to avoid an accident.

In conclusion, the problem of traffic congestion due to a large number of vehicular usage seems to be inevitable. In my opinion, there are still answers to this particular problem. With the proper solutions and consistent implementation of certain rules and regulation, this will mitigate this particular adversity.

Band Score: 6.5–7 (Before the revision)

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