The Best Gift My Father Gave Me

My Father, and I at a much younger age a million years ago.

I was thinking about sentimentality for a few hours on Friday. The unique gifts that Father’s pass down to their children to pass down to their children. I was thinking about if this existed in my family. I’m not sure if it does. That got me thinking about gifts that my father has given me that held any sort of sentimental value and that brought back some memories.

My father never had fancy watches from his father, or rare vinyl records that his mother used to have. In fact, even if there was anhything of exceptional sentimental value handed down from his parents. It’d probably be hard to find those due to the fact that my father came from a family of seven brothers and one sister. On top of that, I’m not completely convinced that anything of sentimental value would have even crossed my father or his brothers minds. His sister however may have been able to recognize things that meant more to her than just because of their monetary worth.

I remember a time when I was in or just out of college. A specific Christmas to be exact. This was a time before we had lists, or requests for Christmas gifts. I received a bunch of great stuff that holiday, but there were one or two things that stuck out in my mind as being exceptionally special. My father had bought me a pair of fancy Sony Studio headphones. I hadn’t asked or needed them exceptionally badly. However, when I opened the gift, I was so excited to see that my dad had researched, identified, and purchased for me a great pair of headphones that I still own and use five or six years later. This gift meant so much more than just the material wealth of owning a good pair of headphones. It was so much deeper than that to me. It was a physical manifestation of my fathers interest in what interested me. It meant more than just being able to have high quality sound monitoring for my films and music. It meant that my Father thought I should have better sound monitoring ability for my films and music. It made me feel as though what I did creatively and professionally was valued by my dad.

Years later, I’m not sure I’m completely convinced I moved my professional career in a direction that completely satisfies my families fanancial needs. However, it allows me much time to contemplate on thoughts like this. It allows me the time to spend with my wife and son. It allows me the opportunity to have a way of life that other’s may not be able to have. So, I can only thank my father for giving me a gift that allowed me to be secure and comfortable with moving onto this path. I’m sure if you asked him he may have been just as happy if someone would’ve followed in his footsteps. Getting an Masters in Business Administration and made a b-line for the CFO position at a business, any business. However, with grace and calm he did his best in his own way to help us towards the goals that my sisters and I wanted to achive individually. To that, I owe much gratitude and thanks.