Why Adobe Flash is Dying ?

Before we start talking on why, let me introduce you the Flash I know. Flash has been around for decades now, it was the go to technology for creating animation due to its simplicity, they created “frame” UX which at the time (and today) was the most user friendly way to create animation.


To give you some hint, in order to Create animations, user insert the picture at specific frame, adjust the position and then repeat the process frame by frame, it even provide features to auto animate, thus further simplifying it;

sample of work

If you were me, decades ago it was mesmerizing; The idea I could just draw at specific point then drag across few frames while readjusting the object could actually create a really compelling and smooth animation all the while with no code written on it, it was awesome!! Heck you could even script it at specific point to do some instruction.

Great tools with awesome communities are one of the reasons why this technology dominated the web for decades, thus by no surprise is one of the reason why is a really Die Hard technology (cockroach).

If it is so great, then why is it dying ?

Well its one of many reasons, Flash adoption rate began to decline due to smartphones; while it’s easy to blame people (most people blame Steve Jobs) the reason is far more simple; People are using phones more than they use PC now days. When people are flocking to phones, the industries go along with it while leaving behind flash, the once worshiped technology, into the background.

Lets try to go into the details, what did actually happen?

  1. Steve Jobs announce IPhone in 2007, at the time apple try to work with adobe but they finally leave it behind due to adobe decisions
  2. In the mean time, Android starts to show up challenging the market, all the while providing more ways for consumers to gain devices that fit into their budget
  3. More and more tech giants jump to mobile while at the same time experimenting new tech on html5, but it’s way to clunky (remember Facebook app for mobile on html 5)
  4. The mobile adoption finally takes its toll to browser, they started to do more capacity that once were monopolized by flash; the browser get better, they want to be at mobile too (it get more and more standardized, while trying to be battery friendly)
  5. All of this happening while flash is completely cast away from iphone (while android tried to support flash it finally gave up on it)
  6. New kid emerge, called UNITY, created specifically for building game, leaving the only space where flash might excel (creating games )

Can it Fix itself?

Sadly it’s far too late for almost every tech that exist today, but maybe just maybe it could specialized itself as a tool for animation only, producing videos. Thus providing users a decent tools for content on youtube