Dear Grammar Nazis, Please Stop
Allison Temple

Grammar Nazis unite! You have nothing to lose but your swastikas!

Writer Allison seems to think that you pinned that odious label on yourself. Nay. It was tattooed on your Temple by people who think like the author of this piece. While hurling accusations like “…anal retentive…” and “…you’re not helping.”, she admonishes you to “Stop.”

Never stop, #Grammar Nazis and convert that label into a positive armband. How many times have you sat there quietly and suffered the slings and arrows of ‘to’ instead of ‘too’- to site but one example. Of course, when the content of the Grammar Dummies is even more atrocious than their grip on grammar, you do well to remain silent.

But why allow others to censor you when you feel the need to protect our common language from further corruption? Flame out with corrective force whenever you feel it is necessary.

Attack, #Grammar Nazis, attack and give ’em hell.

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