Wow, john j flynn, it sounds like you may have picked up critique techniques on one of those Pop…
Tamyka Bell

Hey there, Tamyka Bell, how the hell are you.

Why am i hearing from you on April 12, 2017 about a comment i made about a Dewi poem, which Dewi responded to on Jan 1, 2017?

i don’t critique; i occasionally comment; i have no need for “critique techniques” and i don’t watch Pop Idol TV shows. And if some of my comments sound critical that’s because they are.

“Poetry is at least good prose.” John Ciardi, American poet and translator of Dante. Nothing snide about that. Now read Dewi’s poem again and mentally picture it as a short story.

i don’t need any “tips for expressing…ideas in a more helpful way:” nor do i see myself leaping into K.E. Kimball’s ‘Fresh Darlings’ anytime soon. Enough already with ‘constructive’ and ‘helpful’ ways and especially “Here are twenty…” No, no, no, not another list of 6,473 ways to wipe your ass.

Well, good health to you Bell. Nothing wrong with writing as therapy and good old Medium surely provides plenty of space for that.

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