3 Quick and Simple Ways To Increase the Quality of Your Family Time

One of the challenges of being a high achiever is that you are always busy.

There is always more to do than there is time to do it, and family time is limited. Thats’s why it is important to make the most of the time you do have.

Here are three ways you can increase the quality of the time you do have so the kids don’t wonder who the stranger at the dinner table is

1. Exercise With Your Kids

Look I love to Amazon Prime that show I am addicted to just as much as the next guy, and watching a movie with your family is a perfectly acceptable way to spend time together. But, here is the problem with that:

Your hands are free

It sounds silly, I know, but tell me if this sounds familiar:

you watch the first 20 minutes of a movie — seems like it might be a good one

Your phone buzzes.

It’s an email

Might as well check it really quick, it could be an emergency — oh look, a Twitter notification . . .

Pretty soon you are checking your email, Instagram, SlackSocial, Hubstaff, and calendar while your kids play Boom Beach and the closing credits of your movie roll in the background.

Exercising and playing games with your kids occupies your hands and mind so that you literally cannot be distracted, you have to be present with them.

Bonus tip: follow these instructions to lock your phone and go off grid during certain times of the day so you aren’t distracted while you are with your family:


2. Date Night

If you have a significant other, make sure one night per week is dedicated to the two of you. Get a babysitter. If you don’t know anyone who can babysit, you can find one on care.com.

Take time to go out for a date, even if it is just a short one and talk about each other, hopes, dreams, etc.

remind each other that it’s not all about the kids, and you still enjoy being together.

It is shocking what a regularly scheduled date night can do for your marriage.

Date doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are a lot of great free or cheap ways to go on a date.

Also, don’t limit yourself to dinner and a movie. Try something fun and different.

If you don’t have a significant other, have a date night with the kids (or pets).

It’s good to have a night where you go out of the house and try something new, or do something you love.

3. Come Up With Fun Photo Ideas

Try a photo documentary or a photo scavenger hunt.

With the cameras on our phones it’s easy to take high quality photos. Try to take a photo a day to create a time lapse of your family’s life.

Create photo albums with an app like chatbooks that doesn’t take very much time (you would rather be spending time with your family than designing photo albums, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this,) and ships the photo albums directly to your door. When the photo albums come look through them together.

There is something special about looking at a physical photo as a family as opposed to being gathered around a screen.

It allows you to relive the memories more intimately.

None of these ideas require a big sacrifice. They are all little things you can do to make sure that you aren’t just going through the motions at home, but spending quality time with your family.

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