My New Friend

I met a very sweet girl who was pretty cute today who was kind enough to have a conversation with me. She intrigued me with some of the information she gave me about her life. Things such as why she transfer to marquette, the make up of her family, and what gave her drive to be doing what she is doing.

When she transferred from George Washington to Marquette to pursue happiness, when being just a year away from finishing school with a degree in accounting interested me. She thought it was corny, but I thought it was bold and a good move.

Reason being is because not a lot of people pursue happiness, when I believe happiness is the most important thing to life. I mean whats good about living an unhappy life. Many people think that making a lot of money is happiness whether miserable or not.

To this girl finding happiness and heading to a school with a little more school spirit then the last was more important then a lot of money. I met a girl today with a drive to be better then the rest and happy at the same time. if you ask me, this is a pretty good way to attack life.

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