Who Am I

I am a basketball player some me say, a minority, or even special. I like to consider my self an ordinary person with a gift. A gift that God as given me to be successful in life. A gift, for the world to witness and experience when people see me. A gift that helps people with confidence, just a little that people strive to be the best they can be in what they are called to do.

I may be a bit chatty at times, more times then not. It is just part of who I am. It feels like if I don’t talk no one would interact with me. I wouldn’t be embraced the same way as I am now if I wasn’t chatty.

This is both a benefit but also a downfall, because I can either be really liked or really hated.

I am also a person who doesn’t like to be limited to one thing. One aspect of my life that would show you that is my taste in music. I like various artist and various genres of music because I like to hear the diversity of the world.

I like to listen and see where or what other people come from, and you can usually get a general idea from what they put in their songs.

I am interested in others stories and experiences because it gives you just a little more insight on them. My story is what makes me, I won’t tell you all but I will tell a little bit.

I am one of nine children, 4 brothers 4 sisters, and I will fight for every single one of them and I know they will do the same for me. I have never had my own room to myself, sometimes I slept on the floor because we were a bed or two short.

I played four sports growing up all the way till I was a sophomore in highs school. When I stop 3 of the four I decided I just wanted to pursue a basketball career because it was something I felt I could play for a long time, and maybe go pro if I am blessed enough.

I was always told that God has a plan for me from my family and I believe that plan is to touch lives through the sport of basketball.

So when you ask who I am, I will tell you I am a God fearing, ball playing, much appreciative, well rounded man who plays for Marquette University.

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