Can everyone please stop self diagnosing mental health issues?

“Anxiety” is one of the year’s buzzwords, which is understandable to a certain extent. The world’s politicians seem keen to give us something new to worry about almost every single day. However, there’s a lot of confusion between the common usage of the word (“I’m feeling a bit anxious about the artisan shepherds pie I’m making for the dinner party tonight” ) and anxiety as a medical problem, diagnosed by professionals that are actually trained for this kind of thing. The same goes for the word “depression” and even occasionally for phrases like “bi polar”.

Mood swings and nerves are an occasional part of almost everyone’s life. On the flip side, being diagnosed with clinical depression or anxiety is a much more serious matter with far deeper, long lasting consequences.

By all means, talk about your feelings. But use the opportunity to talk about what’s really bothering you. Taking the extra effort to find the right language to talk about your feelings benefits everyone and anyone. Muddled use of these terms is often self defeating as to repeatedly tell one’s self that one is mentally ill probably increases the chances of it happening.

Clear use and understanding of the terms to do with mental health offers a better chance of of a clear, working mind for all of us.

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