I feel threatened by Christianity

Maybe the point to take home here is that uncertainty is fine. Your mother says there’s a 50/50 chance of Christianity being correct — I’m not sure I agree. What’s she basing this on? How do all the other religions and philosophies of the world fit into this statement?

Don’t be afraid to give your new position time to settle in. I came from a similar background to you and it took a good few years for my new worldview to feel comfortable but in the long run it was definitely worth it. Some Bible stuff I still believe in ( like “the Kingdom of God is within you” ) but even if I had a divine revelation tomorrow that the whole thing was true I’d find it almost impossible to become part of mainstream Christianity now or to join a normal church. I feel sorry for people like your mother as from what you’ve written it seems the way she thinks doesn’t make sense even within her own boundaries of religion. For example, if she thinks “logic is enforced by Satan” does that mean she shuns logic when say, baking a cake, driving a car or getting medical treatment? I think not!

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