14 facts about narcissism that Trump doesn't want you to know

Do you feel powerless, exhausted, and angry? Well, it might because you are now living with a narcissist. Below you will find 10 facts about narcissism to help you understand Trump better. He’ll wish you never read this article.

1. Narcissists have unrealistically high self-esteem, which is impossible to maintain.

Result: To maintain an elevated level of self-esteem, they will constantly re-assert their power.

2. Narcissists are extremely over-reactive to feedback from others.

Result: Those who disagree with a narcissist become the enemy. They will be punished.

3. Narcissists respond to threats to their self-esteem with feelings of rage, defiance, shame, and humiliation.

Result: They will view others behavior as a slight to them and become enraged.

4. Narcissists expect special treatment.

Result: They will ignore rules and do whatever serves them.

5. Narcissists lack empathy toward others.

Result: They will not act to right injustice or the suffering of others.

6. Narcissists pay close attention to how others think they are doing and how favorably others regard them.

Result: They will spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on how others see them.

7. Narcissists have a gnawing concern of inadequacy.

Result: They will have extreme reactions to humiliation.

8. Narcissists structure their social environments to achieve their goals.

Result: They engage in heavy-handed manipulations of others to bring about the desired responses.

9. Narcissists view themselves as being quite “successful” in their past relationships.

Result: They will tell people that they find it easy to meet women and women are receptive to their invitations.

10. Narcissists engage in self-handicapping behavior.

Result: They will set up excuses for their inevitable failure so that they have something to blame when they fail.

11. Narcissists overestimate their own intelligence.

Result: They make things up and refuse to consult experts because they see themselves as the expert. Arguing with them is not likely to be effective because they perceive that they know more than anyone else.

12. Narcissists are more concerned with accomplishing goals than avoiding mistakes.

Result: They will make mistakes.

13. Narcissists trick people into doing what they want.

Result: Narcissists ironically destroy their interpersonal relationships, leading people to loath rather than admire them.

14. Because narcissists have no genuine concern with what others really think, people stop liking them eventually.

Result: A study showed people viewed narcissists especially favorably on an initial encounter, but these impressions became reversed over repeated interactions. In time, there will be no admirers left.