What beliefs do you hold on to that are limiting you and keeping you from achieving what you want in life?

First, you must dig deep to identify those beliefs, then destroy those beliefs. Only then can a new more empowering belief take its place.

Link pleasure to creating these new beliefs. Your beliefs are the key to it all.

Your beliefs and your values control everything in your life. Your values determine the direction you are headed in life.

Your daily choices shape you destiny.

Whether you feel successful or not is based on your beliefs.



All Pain comes from the feeling that one of your six basic needs is not being met.

Remember, no pain last forever, only your soul is eternal.

God’s delay’s and not God’s Denials.

Strive each day to create memorable moments. You can choose to create these moments in your life or just wait for them to randomly show up. You may never realize the impact of a simple kind act to another individual.

Life your life full out. Play at a level 10. But, be sure to give time to yourself as well.



Momentum is a process that takes things that at first seem difficult and make them more manageable.

Of course, you must take the first step. The first step puts you in a peak state of mind. Focus on your state more than the game.

Find your passion for what excites you and decide and commit. Then, take massive action.

Going with the flow sounds appealing at first. The problem is that the flow is going in direction of least resistance and usually leads to the falls.



Any change you make in your life has little to do with ability. Change is a matter of motivation to change or getting enough leverage to make the change.

When you remove the pain associated to not changing, you remove the drive to change.

You need to associate massive amounts of pain to not making the changes you know you must make in your life.

Once you make the positive change for a period of time give yourself a reward for making this lasting change.



Human behavior is very belief driven. Everything that you believe also has benefits or consequences.

All that a belief really is is a feeling of certainty about what something means.

To get rid of your negative beliefs you have to link massive amounts of pain to them.

When you do this you will get leverage. By getting leverage on your negative beliefs you will be able to get more long lasting change.



In order to grow and have success in almost any area you are going to have to change. Change has to be a must, not a should.

You are the source of the change. You must have a “I must change it” Mindset.

Also, you have to believe that you can change it.

Your past does not equal your future unless you dwell there.

You cant drive a car forward using the rearview mirror or you will crash.



What exactly does it mean to make a real committed decision? For me, it means to cut off any possible alternative or other possibilities.

Massive success is the best possible outcome. You have to be 100% committed to your decision. No backsliding. Burn the boats.

Learn how to fail forward fast. Learn what’s working and what’s not and make the necessary adjustments.

Its like the pilot on a long flight, they are off course 90% of the time and making small course corrections to arrive a the destination.

Start with the end in mind. know your starting point and destination and close the gap as quickly as possible.

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When you are setting out to accomplish almost anything you need to begin with your “WHY.”

When you get a big enough WHY you will figure out the HOW.

A burning desire and purpose will provide you with drive.

Create a definite plan and take massive action and don’t let fear stop you.

The fear of failure is the number one reason that people don’t take action.

Have your results be measurable and trackable and know when something isn’t working and make minor adjustments to your approach.



Day 185 of my two year journey to financial independence. Today I am talking about how you communicate with yourself.

What you tell yourself is what you believe. If you believe you feel it and what ever you feel is reality for your life.

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning that you assign to it.

The way you communicate with yourself is one of the most important skills to master. What you talk about you bring about.

Tony Robbins says, “If you want better answers, ask yourself better questions.”

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John Jones

John Jones

I am starting a 2 year journey to financial freedom and have decided to document my journey daily here on medium. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.