(a never ending study: part 1)

So you wanna be a doctor since childhood, or maybe since birth your parents are already planning for you to be a doctor, or you’re living in a family full of physicians. The two other reason’s kinda not a good reason to be a doctor, and if that’s the reason you have, well that pretty much sucks. why? you’ll end up in a very horrible maybe not horrible, its like a hell you gonna be living with. it might be the biggest mistake of your lives. a mistake that will probably consume your time, your moment, and your joy. Lol (league of legend! you’re in a league full of crazy nerds studying till death arrive and they become zombies eating the brain out of each other. ugh! joke. hahaha)
so why study medicine? when there’s a lot of work/job or anything else to earn big bucks of money which is easier and most probably some of your friends are doing it now (they’re rich and living the life, so fuck them! hahaha). yeah! your stuck here in hell, where everything doesn’t seems and feels right. this shit is gonna eat you alive. whether your in the bathroom taking shit, in a restaurant eating your favorite food, or the most common place a coffee shop for some people it’s a place to chill, but for you!? ugh! it’s a library! a fucking library! (are you kidding me? a library full of noisy pips? how do you study there!? oh’ you used headset/headphones/earplugs? now that’s great, does it work? sometimes! a noisy library. wow! oh and your spending hundreds and hundreds of bucks just to study. you’re a damn legend! just to remind you how costly your tuition fees are. ugh! people these. but the thing is it does help! hahaha. I’m one of those pips. so yeah! you’ll be a coffee lover/coffee critics/coffee hunter.)

Oh’ I almost forgot! how medicine student survive those sleepless night. we sleep during the day, anywhere, and anytime. you’ll be amazed how we do it in every possible way, position, and, angle? lol! the awesome part is! how do we go unnoticed? this is a skill you can learn, eventually through time(no practice needed. you’ll master it in no time! :-D). the key strength is stealth! the best part about it is not being detected by the professor even though his just in front of you (ninja level 999! hahaha). now isn’t that amazing?

well let’s go deeper about the level and stages your gonna go through before you attain that MD level (shall we call it the GM level, game master. hahaha). this is gonna be the part of describing hell. let’s start with level 1! 1st year is the most exciting part of the game and also the most terrifiying, especially if you’re new in this kind of environment. that’s fine, you’re not alone (together we stand, I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand, when it gets cold, and it feels like the end, there’s no place to go, you know I won’t give in, NO! YOU SHOULDN’T GIVE IN! -_-). actually this is the chill part in your med career. my advice enjoy this fucking year (try joining different extracurricular activities like boxing or mma with your friends, then punch it out and let go of the feeling, those heavy feelings when you failed your exams. sing the song let it go! lol! you might as well party all night and get drunk. I’m kidding about mma and that boxing shit! common you can’t even kill a cockroach! I bet your be dancing running man challenge when one flies towards you! hahaha. peace out!). yeah! 1st year probably and gonna be the best memories you’ll have as a med student. so? rock it out like a rock-star with a matching head bang! remember you’re already in hell don’t make it even worst by separating yourself from happiness. you should enjoy it. a lot of people quit med at this level because they tend to focus too much that their sense of sight are too narrow and their mind too. ending up in tragedy. well we can’t blame them. the pressure is really heavy like drowning in an open ocean without anyone beside you just some fish keep swimming (wanna be a fish? then just keep swimming! hahaha). life wouldn’t be that tough if you know how to balance things. work and study first then enjoy a little bit. take a break, have a kitkat! hahaha.

this is taking too long to write, I’m gonna end this crap right now and sleep. actually I have pedia exam on Friday. I’m doing this just to freshen up and look back how far I am now (as of now, I’m a third year medicine student @FEU-NRMF). critics are allowed to check my grammar. pls do correct them. thank you
I’ll be writing my experience of 2nd year soon. if you find this interesting, then thanks! What I can say now before I end this bullshit is: if you have dreams, chase it! no one will do it for you, except you! it’s not for anyone. it’s for you! don’t let others affect you or bring you down, cause that’s how most people live (usually they envy you and for that they wanna tear you and break you. Don’t let them do it!). we live in a modern world where everything is easy access and everything scatter like a damn virus but the thing is you don’t need to worry about it. why? they don’t care, so why would you? cause if they did, they will help and lend you a hand. now that’s a friend you need to keep especially in med school. by the way don’t let others decide you, they have their own life and so do you. so give yourself a break and live for your life and not for others. :-)
that’s all! thanks.