We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

Healthcare in the US, just like education is at a third world level, yet it costs us no less than twice as much as anywhere in this world. WHO has rated the healthcare systems of the world, the US came in # 37. That simply means that citizens of 36 other nations live healthier, longer and better.

The problem ,or the cause of the problem is ; it is the “for profit” situation.

The main motivation of the providers is to make money, before helping your fellow human being. Material motivation, before dedication to fellow men.

And not just the healthcare provider, but those that has absolutely nothing to contribute to your health. That is the Insurance industry. The insurance industry has NO product, they only gamble on the fear of the people. And since they set the odds, they can not lose. To make healthcare less expensive , the middle man need to be eliminated. The middle man is the insurance industry. They are in healthcare for profits only. But since they “donate” large amount of money to politicians , they have the upper hand.

The second is, that people go to doctor only when they get sick. That is too late. The enormous advantage of Universal Healthcare is the constant care of every individual. Yes, even the hypochandiacs. And starting from conception, or prenatal care, regular and constant exems. not expensive tests only at time of serious ailement. That is how most nations with Universal healthcare have increased life expectancy, grossly reduced infant mortality, and elliminated many serious ailments. We in US, can not even handle common immunizations.

The third great problem for profit healthcare cause is, that 90% of the healthcare professionals offer their services to 50% of the population in effluent and urban areas. The remaining 10% of healthcare professionals left to serve the other 50% of the population in poor urban and rural areas.

To have healthcare for everybody, covering everuthing, it is only the Universal healthcare system, that cost no more than half what americans pay for a very limitted healthcare, rather just for an insurance policy.

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