Which are the world’s strongest democracies?
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It is based upon what terms the author wanted to use, or rather what the desire was to present a picture of nations by dis-considering the actual facts on the ground.

The so called Eastern European nations, or in reality the formerly Soviet Communist occupied nations. They were under brutal foreign dictatorship.

Withe fall of the Soviet Union, and finally with the ending rule by the “young communists” but under a false “Socialist” name, their hope was to be totally free, not just to be taken over by the new “benigne” dictatorship of Brussel. With that they lost the hope of being a totally independent nations as they were dreaming to be. Things in some ways turned out to be very disappointing to them. Their economy (agrar, industry, education, services and infrastructure, while in sad shape, but all have been acquired by western banks. Many now feel lost even what they had. And losing hope for the better is much much worse. That is their problem, after the Soviet state capitalism, the foreign bankers socialism.

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