Obviously written by someone who never saw Bird, Magic, Kareem or MJ in their prime life.

Just a quick comment James’ on field goal % in the Finals, he shot 49.4%. Hardly an inefficient performance. I think the MJ and Kareem point is valid based on their body of work, but deifying players in hindsight is something that many people, NBA fans especially, are guilty of. I think it is fair to say that Lebron is a better player than Magic and Bird. The evidence across the board favors that conclusion. No way is a team with Kyrie and Kevin Love as your second and third options as good as a team with Pippen and Rodman, or Worthy and Magic and Kareem, or Parish and Mchale and Ainge and DJ. Plus, when Wilt and Russell and West played, there were sometimes as few as 9 teams in the league. Also, I would just like clarification on his “asshole behavior”. I believe you cannot be great at anything and not think you are the best. MJ was crazy cocky, Magic, Kareem and Wilt were known for sleeping around and acting very entitled. Bird was notorious for taunting players in game even in college. There is nothing wrong with that because its part of what made them winners. Some players like Duncan are able to maintain a publicly humble image but that doesn’t mean that during games they didn’t approach the game with a similar mindset as Lebron or Jordan. The main point of the article was to say that Lebron has proven himself in a way that only an intentionally biased onlooker could argue. Beyond how you feel about him as a person, he deserves his place in basketball history.

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