Universal Basic Income

Some days, I read articles about UBI and wonder if it’s all just bullshit that’s been seeded into the Internet by some media flacks from Silicon Valley.

The last time we had huge technological upheavals that upset the social apple cart, there were all kinds of socialists who were dreaming of a future without work. Read that guy, Frances Bellamy. Or read Marx for that matter, when he was writing about the first industrial revolution in Germany.

The idea of a future of leisure distracts us from the immediate problem that the fruits of the machine aren’t shared equally with the workers.

The closest we seem to have gotten to this ideal, of a minimal work world, is Social Security and the retirement. To get that implemented practically took overthrowing capitalism.

UBI is the reform that saves capitalism — but the people aren’t yet creating the crisis that motivates the system to enact the reform.

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