The Real Market Opportunity for Conversational UI

All the hype around messenger bots and conversational UI has fallen flat because artificial intelligence simply isn’t good enough for the user experience to truly be a conversation.

However, we can build products that understand most of what we’re trying to say and respond in simple ways. Today we can fulfill the core promise of conversational UI — to streamline customer experience by replacing complex actions with natural language.

A great example of this is Sudo — a platform that allows you to perform routine tasks in your CRM. Creating contacts, adding activities or reminders takes nothing more than simple natural language commands.

Sudo allows you to “talk” to your CRM
They’ve built a conversation layer on top of Salesforce to simplify the experience.

The “Conversation Layer” opportunity: build a business by finding companies with overly complex user experiences and an open development platform: CRM, analytics, marketing automation…

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