21C Transition, episode 1: Suit Up

21C Transition: Suit Up

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“In a network, the best place to store knowledge is in other people.”

“Maybe it’s like Tyler the Creator said in a recent interview with Larry King: “The suits are scared.” They’re scared of something. Maybe it’s just change.
Fortunately my daughter didn’t go down that path. She’s making her own. It’s not easy. But it’s fun and it’s stimulating for her. Work isn’t work for the sake of work. It’s a journey down a path to goals she’s created, not one of the suits.” — +Clay Forsberg http://goo.gl/lL38wi

“The approach that I’ve learned to take when tasked with a deeply disruptive imagination is to tear contemporary institutions down to their baseline fundamentals. “Boil off” the medium and mechanism and get to the core social or human-level functions that these institutions are attempting to satisfy. From here, we can dip into our provisional “toolkit from the future” and invent new institutional architectures that satisfy the fundamental needs — but in an entirely rethought fashion.” — +Jordan Greenhall http://goo.gl/WLDS23

“Society is structured to prevent the people with the inspiration to make the world better from changing anything. There are legions of young people, full of energy and ideas, but nobody listens to them.

They don’t have resources, connections, or experience. They’re not taken seriously by the older generations who made this mess. So they’re supposed to work McJobs, jump through hoops, and sell their soul to the devil of bills, responsibilities and debt. Then, once they pose no threat because their dreams have been strangled, maybe they could be allowed to lead.
Why wait till it’s too late? Let’s give them a chance.” — +Arthur Brock http://goo.gl/L3DStp

Hack Everything, part 51: Generative Questions

What questions do you hold in your heart? What questions powers your creativity, invention and imagination? What questions do you give others towards nurturing hope?

“What if there was a better way to do this?” — Ayd Instone


A choice to go through the second half of life through conscious intention, choice and design rather than default.

A quality in language affording multiple coexisting, complementary views and perspectives, interaction coevolving with adult to adult transactions and I Thou (Buber) dialogue.

A holarchic entity, eg an individual, with the ability to thrive when going through stages of

renewal, contentment, denial, confusion, renewal

while both maintaining integrity as well as growing in inclusivity, curiosity, awareness and agency.

“You receive something from the past, you create something out of it, you pass it on to the future.” — John Kotre


One of the principles that can be used towards modelling behaviour, eg through education, mentoring, teaching, learning, group processes.

Our Future Societies
One of the outcomes, one of the results of a sufficient set of generative questions, is our future society.

Hack Everything, part 94: Life

“Mindfulness, Immersion and Conversation can all be improved by seeing things from a slightly different perspective.”

Mindfulness Practices
driving, commuting, meeting, relating,…

Immersion and Serious Play Practices
writing, dancing, publishing, networking,…

Conversational Practices
Everything inbetween mindfulness and serious play.

Zen and the art of life maintenance

Zen of Small Tasks

The Long Boom: 2015–2039

“We made it? What happened? We happened.”

Hack Everything, part 64: Ice

You’re frozen. You know what I’m talking about.

Stop doing it

Are you quietly hating what you do and beginning to despise yourself for continuing doing it?
Are you stuck in a dead-end part of your own lifestory, going nowhere?
Are you going through the motions, gradually going into more and more of an autopilot life?
Are you participating in a gazillion social media sites, wondering why you are actually doing it?
Are you watching todays crop of children in Africa crying, starving and dying, and texting a few quid away so you can then forget about it?

Start doing it

Are you allowing the real, vibrant, happy, generous, playful, deeply meaningful you to unfold, offering yourself and your unique story to your ecosystems in a way that satisfies the nonmaterial, experiential, transcendent, meaningmaking, life affirming, future society building desires of our coming abundant era? Confusion is your friend. Follow your unfolding path.

Do it differently

Not right brain, not a return to left brain either, not even whole brain. Heart. Heart as a fully integral part of your body, mind and spirit. Heart as fully holarchical, dynamical, fractal, narratively realigned with head, with hands, with feet and, you know it already, with your body, mind and spirit.

For a brief spell

Allow yourself to be frozen yet for a brief spell. Then take one small different step, into the sun of your own authentic being. The tiniest, smallest, necessary change.

Hack Yourself. Thaw

“What will happen, when you let go of the suit?”

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