21C Transition Magazine: Techne

21C Transition Magazine: Techne
Issue 70 — April 6, 2015

In a network, tech can be repurposed as transition affordances — the right gear to get us from here to there.

In the year 2017, a critical mass of human beings rediscovered language and how it could be repurposed for metalogue.

“The time away from time and goal (kairos) is a direct portal to collective consciousness and understanding. It speeds up the rate of meaning transfer among people, faster and faster, over minutes, days and months, and a qualitative change begins to happen — a new consciousness emerges.
Let the remixing times roll! That is how the rhizome of an entity sends out shoots of meaning, leading to new entities, all connected to all, each (living) lens providing a unique window on the world, for all to see.” — +Ron Scroggin

“I think we are finding that portals play a critical role in this. Not the 20C Intranet/Internet portals (based on 20C narratives) but those that help you dig deeper, understand yourself and align yourself with the environment, your co-workers. But we can only point you towards the portal, you have to step through it yourself.” — +Joachim Stroh

21C Literacies: Heidegger In Bloom +Joe Raimondo

21C Monday Magazine: Autopoietic Shift +John Kellden

21 Monday Magazine: Some Thinks Take Time +John Kellden

21C Literacies: A Smorgasbord of Beginnings +Peter Hatherley

Life in the Village, part 225: Spring +Stacey Blanchard

Gaia: What Plants Talk About +Clay Forsberg #biosemiosis

21C Design: Storj +Storj +Rick Heil

21C Workflow: Moxie & Magic
“…hard work. And everyday creativity. Combined.” — +Demian Farnworth

21C Enaction: Enactive, Embodied, Embedded, Extended
+Adam Black

Visual Storytelling: Talking Heads +Luis López-Cano

21C Community: Evolution of Space +Clay Forsberg

21C Enaction: Periods, breast milk and body hair +Hans Youngmann

21C Platforms: Twitter +Jane Hart

Watercooler: A Glass of Wine at the Campfire +Mike Daniels

21C Workflow: The Work, Not The Fruits
“The truth is that no one knows what the f… they’re doing.” — +Paul Jarvis

21C Workflow: NBA and bad management +Jason K

21C Stewardship: Rainforest +Richard Ahlstrom

21C Stewardship: Rainforest Regeneration
+Shaun Campbell

21C Workflow: Ideas +Patrick Verdonk

Gaia: Water-surface temperatures +Vicky Veritas

21C Platforms: Panopticon http://goo.gl/yQHVpS
One of the worst impacts: we adapt. Our behavior becomes distorted. We hunker down, we curb our expectations and dumb ourselves down until we are satisfied with much less.

Facebook tracks all visitors
“Just so we have a yardstick to measure Google by, amongst others. Of all the web companies we hold Google to a higher standard, worrying about opt-in tracking and the use of data when all across the web companies that should know better, behave like Robber Barons, simply because they can.” — +David Amerland

21C Storytelling: Creating Immersive Worlds
+Maria Popova on JRR Tolkien, via +Clay Forsberg

21C Transition: Evolution of Eusociality
“I picked this up from +Nassim Nicholas Taleb who posts extensively on Facebook. Taleb was responding to Richard Dawkins’ freak-out over these findings and basically called out Dawkins as a fraud, as he made ad hominem charges against E.O. Wilson, one of the co-authors. Taleb pointed out that the critiques failed to confront any of the empirical findings.” — +Joe Raimondo http://goo.gl/j5jXpG

Life in the Village: Tea Time +Lisa Frankenberg

21C Stewardship: Least Harm, Greatest Gain
“Hi everyone, I am just starting to publish what I can manage about the work I have been doing over the last 20+ years on a science based approach to quantifiable, measurable & verifiable systems of ecological & social justice & sustainability for non-species-biased, non-currency-based law, politics & economics.” — +Trevor Rose http://goo.gl/9yrpg9

Visual Storytelling: Bloodborne +John Verdon

“…pack a potential in the way a crowbar in a willing hand envelops an energy of prying.” — Giles Deleuze

“…pack a potential in the way a trimtab in a willing group envelops an energy catalyzing autopoietic shift.” — +John Kellden

Play: Improbable Hopes +John Verdon

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- Conversation Community on Facebook http://goo.gl/hDzYo5
- Conversation Community List on Twitter http://goo.gl/42hYUX

“In our 21C Transition, some thinks take time.”

21C Transition Magazine & Monday Magazine Previous Issues
Issues 1–69 http://goo.gl/EluD26

“We made it? What happened? We happened.”

Sagarmatha Café: Knowledge Excursions
“How different will your tomorrow be from today? What will be the next leg of your journey? Once we get back, what will our story be? Let’s go on a one-hour 21C Enactive Excursion and find out.”

Immersive transmedia and participatory sensemaking, exploring pathways through the 21C.
+Ron Scroggin +Joe Raimondo +Joachim Stroh & +John Kellden


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