Automatic for the People, episode 2: All Consuming Tasks

“In a network, enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones.”
 @johnkellden riffing on Seneca

Celestial Emporium of Convivial Tasks 
 1. Handling animals and accountants that belong to the emperor
 2. Dealing with stuffy tasks, tasks that smells faintly of mothballs 
 3. Performing according to the instructions from the HR department 
 4. Tasks that whenever you approach them, tend to squirm and/or run away 
 5. Unicorns, mermaids and other tasks related to startups 
 6. Tasks with fantabulousness as the strategic outcome 
 7. Handling stray dogs, docs and other types of clients
 8. Miscellany 
 9. Tasks which will tax your ability to remain sane 
 10. Things including exactly one gazillion additional details 
 11. Projects outlined with a very broad brush 
 12. …oh, yes, and there’s this other thing…
 13. Efforts that valiantly tries to pre-empt things going kaput

All conundrums, concerns and complaints re the list, can be addressed to Quality Inspector General, Jorge Luis Borges:

All consuming tasks
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