Participatory Inquiry, episode 100: Choice

“In a network, different choices, combining into new forms, new bundles, out of which outcomes that serves.”

You’re doing it wrong. Which means, you shouldn’t change all that much. Instead, embrace your wrongness, your shortcomings and your failures as invaluable sources of insight. Anneal your insights in a way that provides five things:

Different Choices
Particularly choices that grows your ability to apply a light touch to things. The generative review is decision quality. The story is being kind yet persistent enough to yourself that your authentic, real story emerges. The tasks are all about sharing that story with the world. Once you do, time for yet another go at performing a generative review.

“In a network: generative review, your unique 
story, tasks and generative review.”


Live. Imagine yourself one hundred years of age, looking back, embracing a sense of wonder, awe and satisfaction, remembering you did one hundred and three percent of what was possible. Now, return to your here and now, and make good on your promise to your future self. Go. Do. Live.

“In a network, make good on your promise to your future self.”

Small moves. Enact the smallest possible steps, changes, choices that makes for an optimal and optimizing difference. Keep on moving, inside your mind, together with others and the world, until you realize you are always and already making a difference. What difference does it make? All the difference in the world.

“In transition, anneal your insights in a way that serves — serves your synthesis, your selfhood and your being of service to the world.”

Grow something. When you grow something: your own synthesis, selfhood, service — don’t just do something, be fully present — there.

Choice, flow.

Here, the generative review is group flow. The story is how you and others enact and re-enact possibility spaces, in your local community, in networks, wherever you happen to find yourselves doing things. Group flow includes chaos, trust and flow. If all those three qualities are present, you’re doing it right.

“In a network, in transition: enact, perceive, observe, orient, decide, act and 
re-enact — all in a context of generativity, mutuality and learning.”


Transition, thy name is movement. Trust movement. Trust, movement. Movement, trust. There’s a unique set of patterns that is you, a unique combination that is your essential character. Once you start expressing your character, you move onto your unique evolutionary trajectory, towards doing your unique part in our collective, evolutionary purpose. This *is* the transition.

Fear, Anger, Worry, Doubt and Anxiety
Sure, we could spend a lot of time tickling and reinforcing those parts of our minds in which we remain attached to our own anti-patterns. But why? What purpose would it serve? What purpose is our fear and anger serving, if we only keep encouraging it? Is not our everyday enrollment in the school of hard knocks, proof enough that we are doing it wrong, that we are doing more than enough of this already? What if we give ourselves a different choice?

Embracing all these patterns and anti-patterns, turning our attachment to our own stuckness, into flow, into movement, *is* our part, parcel and parsing of the transition.

Your every moment, a choice.

Fear? Embrace it. 
Anger? Hell yes! Turn it into resolve, a rekindling of motivation and a healthy re-enacting of convivial boundaries, including confronting everything that is not of service to you and the world.
Worry? Congratulations! Your future self is on the phone — pick it up! Listen. Listen forth what will make a difference. Listen as if you do have a choice. Your anxiety is excellent preparation and your doubt is the one sure sign that you are deep down, able to choose.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 100: Choice

Ksenia Makagonova