Participatory Inquiry, episode 102: Spirit of Nature

“In a network, in transition towards rediscovering nature, our generative review is all the ways we see, all our good measures that co-evolves with contextual intelligence, with a rekindling and revitalizing of situational awareness.”

You’re not yourself yet. No worries, you will be. Yes. Because deep down, you already are. You might remain oblivious about your own true nature, but once you cease denying yourself, you re-appear.

Spirit of Nature of Reality
Our understanding is in a state of transition. We engaged in rituals so as to understand, we believed we understood, we thought we knew. We didn’t.

“To be sure, our obliviousness to nonhuman nature is today held in place by ways of speaking that simply deny intelligence to other species and to nature in general, as well as by the very structures of our civilized existence — by the incessant drone of motors that shut out the voices of birds and of the winds; by electric lights that eclipse not only the stars but the night itself; by air “conditioners” that hide the seasons; by offices, automobiles, and shopping malls that finally obviate any need to step outside the purely human world at all.”
 — David Abram

Understanding is all about an ongoing dynamic problem and solution re-enactment in a context of generativity and nature. The reality of which is always and already, transactional. You, me, everyone else, recognize spirit as that which catalyzes a more nature reality, spirit touching.

“We consciously encounter nonhuman nature only as it has been circumscribed by our civilization and its technologies: through our domesticated pets, on the television, or at the zoo (or, at best, in carefully managed “nature preserves”). The plants and animals we consume are neither gathered nor hunted — they are bred and harvested in huge, mechanized farms.” 
 — David Abram

Some of these coming transactions will startle you. This is a good thing. You will recognize glimpses of your own spirit, your own nature, as part, parcel and parsing of what will confuse you as well as move you beyond confusion, into renewal.

“‘Nature,’ it would seem, has become simply a stock of ‘resources’ for human civilization, and so we can hardly be surprised that our civilized eyes and ears are somewhat oblivious to the existence of perspectives that are not human at all, or that a person either entering into or returning to the West from a nonindustrial culture would feel startled and confused by the felt absence of nonhuman powers.”
 — David Abram

And, in the end, all our means and all our measures, can be seen as our responding to, our own glimpses of, our becoming one unique part of, spirit of nature.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 102: Spirit of Nature

Gaetano Cessati