Participatory Inquiry, episode 124: Possibility

“In a network, in transition, we claim our brokenness, embrace our seeming scarcity, our thought shortcomings — and when shared, we realize it was always and already abundance.”

Possibility. A life characterised by possibility. How does that feel? Does it feel strange? What other thoughts rise up in your mind when you entertain the thought of possibility?

“I’d read it once — how one in four people in a small town was deaf. And
every one of them felt like an outsider. Until everyone in town learned sign
language. The non-deaf disadvantaged themselves, inconvenienced themselves, 
to learn sign language. And it was the non-deaf whose lives were enhanced in unexpected ways. 
Not only did they gain rich relationships with deaf neighbors they would have missed out on otherwise, but they also discovered the convenience of signing across the street to one another, of sign language communicating from atop hills to folks below, of the sick signing what they needed when voices failed, of children signing to avoid being loud.
Disadvantaging themselves — turned out to be their advantage. Brokenness was made into abundance.”

 — Ann Voskamp

How many different languages do you speak? 
Are you fluent in both scarcity and abundance?

we’re here again
humans with future
in our eyes

What if scarcity is at its core all about that innermost unique spark, 
longing to be acknowledged, listened to, heard, shared, recognized?

“… how she was before the tears
And how she was before the years flew by
And how she was when she was beautiful.”

 — Kate Bush

What if abundance is all pervasive, what if it can be rediscovered, 
reclaimed — in the midst of seemingly mundane, ordinary things?

how he was when he was listening

What if scarcity and abundance can meet in our minds?

Participatory Inquiry, episode 124: Possibility

Janko Ferlič