Participatory Inquiry, episode 128: Flow

“In a network, how resonant our understanding?”

Flow. We grow, we evolve as a human being, by taming our vital energies. One of the challenges, the overcoming of pride. Another, how much perseverance, resolve and patience is needed, in order to reach the fullness of our being, achieving our true destiny. A third, a surrendering to what is.

Dissonance turned resonance, knowing turning understanding
Every step gifts us with a small dissonance, simply because the nature of reality is transactional. Once we are immersed in this present moment, this current step of ours, we grow slightly more aware, slightly more able to engage in slightly different complex responsive processes.

“I do not know it — it is without name — it is a word unsaid,

It is not in any dictionary, utterance, symbol.
 Something it swings on more than the earth I swing on,

To it the creation is the friend whose embracing awakes me.
 Perhaps I might tell more.”

 — Walt Whitman

Chaos, Trust and Flow
As a result of how we went forth, we reach the next step which, if we are lucky, gifts us with a new challenge, a slightly different dissonance which we, through walking, through the chaos, trust and flow of moving we turn increasingly resonant, out of which, innate knowing embracing experiential understanding.

A returning to innate flow 
The flow was there all the time. The lilacs, the song of the phoebe-bird
A mighty river, which we got to experience being in the midst of.
We needed our unique detours in order to rediscover the nature of order 
and what unique part was ours to understand.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 128: Flow

Luis Poletti