Participatory Inquiry, episode 28: Craft & Beauty

“In transition, imagination and craft, 
craft and imagination.”


“A board by any other geometry, 
would sound as resonant.”

Playing the violin is becoming one with the transceiving of beauty and evolving wholeness, through our embodied, enacting selves as well as through the instrument of our passion and choice.
Transforming behavior into beauty.

We, impacting on Me
Attention. Listening to a violin concerto, reading a book is how we download culture-ware in our minds. Attention co-evolving with real, virtual and virtuereal, situational awareness.

Will annealed into flow. After ten thousand hours of deliberate practice, embracing a playfulness disposition, out of which overnight success: flow.

Me, impacting on We
Individual and collective intelligence combined and turned into performance. Playing a card is how we enact our choice select 2x2’s, through which moving cards and moves we make a dent in our biosemiosis, in our lifeworld, co-evolving with culture.

Playing Our Cards, Moving through Our 2x2's

2x2 board

2x2 Board
- behavior: internal We
- attention: internal Me
- will: external Me
- performance: external We

“A set of ten thousand
deliberate hours 
by any other name, 
would turn as sweet.”

- How do I work this thing?
- By going through a series of steps, until you’ve gathered the necessary and sufficient dispositions and the corresponding gear.

How To Move
A generative sequence, a set of eleven dispositions, exploring our space and our negative space with grace.

1. Pro-Act
2. Embark on a Quest
(any which beginning step works wonders)
3. Read a Book, Listen to a Concert
(go virtuereal young human)
4. Design a Platform 
(any which immersive enough artifact, social object, waterhole mixtape)
5. Add a Considered, Considerate Comment
(to a conversation about to happen)
6. Re-enact (Virtue)Reality
(depart, immerse, distill)
7. Embrace Change
(access, attract, achieve)
8. Play a Card 
(one card, one particiant, one move at a time, co-evolving with a chosen, generative, structure-preserving, transformative sequence)
9. Hold a generative enough space for a Dialogue and then a Metalogue 
(evolving a conversation that mind and matter)
10. Immerse in a Story turning Narrative, in a Moving Experience, in Character
(there’s no-one youer than you)
11. Instigate a Movement, A Community, A Way Station

Craft, Gear, Quest & Beauty
From the eleventh, the sequence returns to the first: a good enough Way Station in which we explore, acquire experience in order to hone our craft and gather practical wisdom related to what Disposition and Gear is relevant for both our further Quest, and in due time, our returning to the Village and via the Way Station, the Concert Hall.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 28: Craft & Beauty

Providence Doucet