Participatory Inquiry, episode 31: Increasingly Clear

“In transition: faintest idea, signal, boundaries, journey, understanding.”

Do you remember who you could be? Have you found the others yet, all those who are also in a process of becoming? There’s five characteristics to this journey, this becoming yourself:

Hearing, faintly at first and then increasingly clear, your voice, your own unique essential character.

At first, you employ whatever means at your disposal, to remain within your own comfort zone and quite successfully so, turning down the volume of your own authentic self and turning select other parts of the signal, into projects that define and make up your contentment.

Over time, the ease with which you go into denial becomes harder, more difficult to repress into your subconscious, and, you increasingly notice, and eventually half-grudgingly accept, that your boundaries are becoming blurry.

Once you accept ubuntu, once you begin to not only understand but embrace “individuals are human beings because other people” you feel as if everything english full of empire — everything white, male, western and strict individualistic, borderline solemn solipsistic in your mind, begins to crumble and dissolve.

Confusion: Caterpillar
In the early stages of confusion, you go full frontal consumption, trying to eat anything — food, experiences, ads, content, data, information — everything that comes your way.

Confusion: Cocoon
Inevitably, once you’ve tried to eat the whole world and realize it is folly, you move on and then, you’ll find “The Place” — the perfect cottage, the perfect job, the perfect cause — anything that is perfectly shaped, inside which you can go and cocoon.

Confusion: Butterfly
Emerging from your cocoon, you’ll notice that you are no longer the same.

Returning to Renewal
Once you have successfully made it through confusion, you return to renewal, to life. A life more fully co-extensive with signs and a life even more fully lived; signs even more fully co-extensive with life.

- Is there a simple way to begin to understand what this is all about? A core concept?
- Yes, there is: prominiscence.

A story told about a past event remembered by the narrator.

Becoming increasingly clear about your own becoming yourself. It’s a bit like deciding to meet your future self and the decision being strong enough and clear enough, that your future self decides to go and meet you half way. Which means, somewhere in the middle of your life, you will suddenly much better understand what it’s all about. Eventually, you surrender to what is and your unique place in it all. And, in your surrendering, you win.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 31: Increasingly Clear

Greta Morgane, Wikimedia