Participatory Inquiry, episode 70: Fireflies

“In a network, in transition, turning ecosystem, 
people are noticing fireflies and naming place.”


You are here for a brief spell. Here and now is your moment: glow. 
Until then, embrace your own cellves and carry on.

Nanostructures help transmit light
“Nanostructures on the cuticle of the firefly’s abdomen help transmit bioluminescent light efficiently because they perfectly match the wavelength of light being emitted.”

To The Endangering, Vanishing Ones

- We made it.
- What happened?
- We happened.

The Gentle Bokeh of Myth
“The moral efficacy of the landscape — this power of the land to ensure mindful and respectful behavior in the community — is mediated by a whole class of stories that are regularly recounted within the village.”
 — David Abram

In our naming
ourselves, we glow.

The power of place, for all fireflies, all humans, resides in its ability to catalyze our true names. In our naming ourselves, we glow. For the briefest of spells, even more breathtakingly beautiful.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 70: Fireflies

Esaias Tan