Participatory Inquiry, episode 72: Prodigal People

“In transition, in our returning home, Gaia. Gaia is a living entity providing crucible and surface tension for sentient beings, affording embodying, presencing and quickening.”

You live in the valley and all its abundance is obscured by the attachment to the hustle of everyday life. At a serendipituous moment, you set out on a new path, climbing your peak, turning your back on the valley.

Hairs absorb ultraviolet radiation
“The wooly hairs of the alpine edelweiss protect the plant’s cells from ultraviolet radiation by acting as photonic structures that interact with and absorb the UV radiation.”

Reaching the top looking down, you see the valley and your village in all its abundance, as if for the first time. You now know what new insight, what new story to share with the others.

as if for the
first time

Returning, a stranger
Eager to tell everyone what you’ve experienced and what you’ve seen, you climb back down. Returning, you are greeted as a stranger by the other villagers. With the help of your friends, you relearn the ways of the village, this time around by choice.

Circles of homecoming
By listening to their stories, you learn how to share your own with a growing circle of people. Even though the mountain, the valley and the village remains the same, everything is transformed from your having made your journey, there and back again.

To The Returning, Shining Ones

- We made it.
- What happened?
- We happened.

The Forgetting and Rediscovering of Air
“It is precisely this oral awareness of the invisible depths that enfold us — this sense of the unseen air as an awesome mystery joining the human and extrahuman worlds — that was sundered by the Greek scribes.”
 — David Abram

In our rediscovering flowers high up the mountain and resisting plucking them, leaving them be, we realize how all things were always and already an instrinsic part of a larger name.

always and already
an intrinsic part

Edelweiss with its wooly hairs, mountains where they dwell, valleys down below. Words tracing new paths, there and back again.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 72: Prodigal People

Sabine Schulte