Participatory Inquiry, episode 87: Buds

“In a network turning ecosystem, we enact a lived place, 
in which our re-enactment re-enchants us in return.”


You’ve been there. A magical place, a real place, a virtuereal place, where the real alive magic, was and still is, resonant with your becoming.

“…the Dreamtime does not refer to the past in any literal sense (to a time that is finished and done with), but rather to the temporal and psychological latency of the enveloping landscape. Different paths through the present terrain resonate with different stories from the Dreamtime, and indeed every water hole, every forest, every cluster of boulders or dry creekbed has its own Dreaming, its own implicit life. The vitality of each place, moreover, is rejuvenated by the human enactment, and en-chant-ment, of the storied events that crouch within it.”
 — David Abram

Why? Understanding our unalienable part
Play is the abductive patterning of a possibility space co-evolving with a re-immersion in the place re-enacted, and our experience of presence is our understanding our unalienable part. Living art.

“Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our 
aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.”

 — Alfred North Whitehead

What? A rediscovering nature
Any sufficiently advanced play and move, is indistinguishable from a flourish, the gentlest touch and wave, conducive to a rediscovery of nature, inner and outer.

How to play forth nature
Play is generative presence in small tasks guided by a win-win-win intention and a desire to shape the future through ongoing choices combining available options leading to a rekindling of vitality out of which optimal routes to desirable ends through effective use of accessible means.

Whereto our re-enchantment?
Knowledge gardening among buds, out of which 
new buds, heralding a new spring.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 87: Buds

Wilfried Santer