Participatory Inquiry, episode 88: Bricolage

“In a network turning ecosystem, we bricolage our transition, until we return to the always and already present seamless fabric.”

You’re always busy doing your unique part, claiming your turf, working your niche in the business ecosystem. Have you got, the presence, intention and perspectives needed, to weave language and tools into a thriving practice?

presence, intention, perspectives,
languages, tools, practices, place

Instant Reweaver
“Mimicking the indigenous shaman’s curative methods without his intimate knowledge of the wider natural community cannnot, if I am correct, do anything more than trade certain symptoms for others, or shift the locus of dis-ease from place to place within the human community. For the source of stress lies in the relation between the human community and the natural landscape.”
 — David Abram

A complex, proactive set of responsive processes by which ordinary things and languages are given new generative meaning, in a context of

dialogue, nature, mutuality, learning, connectivity, 
creativity and participatory inquiry.

What if we were to hold place, re-enact place in a way
that would welcome our practices?

Participatory Inquiry, episode 88: Bricolage

Nikunj Gupta